Many people have been asking what the difference of ordinary escorts and first class escorts lies. Although there might be no difference looking at it from a personal perspective, the truth is, the difference is evident. First class escort service Berlin has drawn a clear line to show the difference between the two. The difference does not only lie much on the escort herself but also on the clientele they serve. In this article, we will put a clear difference between the two as observe from first class escort service Berlin.

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1. Their Clientele

The group of clientele ordinary escorts receives or expects is very different from what first class escorts expect. Many escort agencies ensure that they have girls who fit in all these different types of escort categories. This means, they will have girls to serve all the types of clients who book their services. For the ordinary clients, there are many ordinary escorts to serve them. On their other hand, there are many high class escorts to ensure that their high class and VIP clients have their needs met perfectly.

2. Their Income

First class escort service Berlin knows well that there is more expectations from their high class escorts. This is as far as their remunerations are concerned. As we have mentioned above, high class escorts serve high class clients. Therefore, the payment the clients pay for VIP and high class escorts is far much higher. The escorts will therefore receive a better pay than the ordinary clients since their income is determined by the amount of money paid to the agency by the client.

When working as an independent high class escort, things get even better. This is because, you keep all the money that your client offers you including the tip.



Although there are people who believe high class escorts will give you the same services offered by ordinary clients. This is however not the case. Just as the name suggests, high class escorts are sharp and sophisticated therefore offering high quality services. They are also more experienced and well mannered.