Couples who have shared years of relationship tend to know how to make their partner cum at the same time they do. But even so, there are people who do not have enough experience to do it and it is frustrating not to achieve that goal. So, if you are looking for a way to cum together with your partner, here are some facts that might be useful for you.

How do couples feel when they finish at different times?

If one partner reaches climax before the other, it is normal that there is a certain lack of motivation to continue the sexual act in the same way as before reaching orgasm. It is something totally normal in any relationship, and it is because the libido drops a little as well as the energy and enthusiasm, since you are not looking for climax again.


It is quite normal not to maintain the same interest in finishing at the same time as your partner after you have reached orgasm. Still, it is important for couples to strive to come at the same time to avoid unpleasantness during sex.

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Tips to come at the same time

Always be open with your partner

It is always possible to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner. It’s a matter of always being open about where you are in intercourse, so that you can coordinate your bodies and achieve orgasm at the same time. Talking during intercourse can be sexy and will help you achieve your goals.

Don’t worry about time

Just because you don’t climax at the same time as your partner or escort, doesn’t mean you’re failing. Even if you have a lot of time together, you won’t be able to do this every time. But you can practice every time and perfect it together. It is important not to pressure your partner to climax, as this will probably lower the intensity of their desire and you will lose the opportunity to have a successful encounter.

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Keep the pressure down

Don’t have pressure to finish at the same time, give yourselves a chance to experience new sensations together and get to know each other’s bodies. Pressure is never good, and constantly thinking about climaxing together won’t make it happen. The key is to enjoy it and keep communication active all the time. Sex is something to be enjoyed.